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Live-In Care is available in the following formats and plenty benefits, and each service is tailored to suit you and your specific needs

Staying at home

A person’s home is their own little time capsule, holding personal treasures and precious memories, which can make it very difficult to give up. But beyond the sentimentality attached to your own little patch of the world, the familiarity of home is good for a number of reasons.
Remaining in recognisable surroundings is a major benefit for people needing care – particularly if that person is suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia. Simple things like easily navigating your way through the home can make all the difference to someone who might be prone to becoming confused.

Dedicated Care

Care homes, though staffed with care professionals ‘round-the-clock, simply can’t offer the same level of attention a dedicated, live-in care professional would be able to provide you or your loved one. And that’s simply because staff at care homes must take responsibility for the well being of multiple at any given time.

Peace of mind

Not only does having someone stay throughout the night have safety benefits, but it also eases the minds of the people receiving care and their family members too. Meaning everyone can get a restful, and safe night’s sleep.

Family input

Having one or two dedicated carers makes it far easier for members of the family to feel included in a person’s care plan. It’s easy to stay up-to-date and in touch when you’re familiar with people providing care.